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Officer Name Position
Dr. Sarah Hawkins-Lear, University of Kentucky
Dr. Andrea Peach, Georgetown University President-Elect
Dr. Kim White, University of Kentucky Vice President/Conference Presentation Chair
Dr. Sherry Stultz, Morehead State University
Vice President-Elect/Awards Chair
Dr. Maggie McGatha, University of Louiville
Dr. Jane Arrington, Georgetown University
Secretary/Membership Chair
Dr. Meagan Mussellman, Murray State University
Immediate Past President/Nominations Chair
Dr. Renee Campoy, Murray State University
Executive Director
Dr. Dusty Knotts, Western Kentucky University
Western Region Representative
Dr. J. Michael King, University of Pikeville
Eastern Region Representative
Dr. Joni Meade, University of Kentucky Central Region Representative
Ms. Lisa Lee, Madisonville Community College
KCTCS Representative


Past Presidents

Meagan Mussellman

Murray State University

Manish Sharma

Thomas More College

Pam Matlock                   

Murray State University

Shirley Nelson

University of Pikeville

Douglas Griggs

Georgetown College

Shawn Faulkner

Jackie Hansen

Northern Kentucky University

Murray State University

Barbara Zahler

Thomas More College

Christopher Miller

Morehead State University

Shirley Pauler

Asbury University

Renee Campoy

Murray State University

Melissa Saunier-Arnold

Lindsey Wilson

Rebecca Oswald

Asbury University